Basement Remodel ideasAnyone can finish a basement remodel and a finished basement typically returns 70-75% on the investment. However, not everyone can give you a basement that you will absolutely love and will set your home apart on the market.

Rather than just adding some walls, and maybe a kitchenette, you can truly make the basement someplace special. Consider something better than a simple paint job, and looking at making the room specialized is the start.

Make a plan before you get started. This will make the project run more smoothly as well as help you get away from a generic room structure. Here are some of the best themed finished basements to consider for your basement remodel project.


Game Room Basement Remodel

Game and recreation rooms are very popular, especially because they can easily be adapted for other purposes when needed. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, consider making it a room truly dedicated to this.

First, consider more than one kind of game. Sure, the obvious option is to bring in the video game console and large television. However, consider other gaming options too. For decor, you may consider adding an arcade game or a pinball machine.

You may also look at providing space for non-digital games, such as card games or board games. These can be a nice break and can be enjoyable for the entire family. A bonus is that if the power goes out, you can still enjoy them!

You may look at digital frames, both large and small, to adorn your game room. From these you can obviously display pictures of family and friends. Or you could also show pictures of your game achievements, or those of your friends.

You will of course want a bathroom and someplace to make some grub. These two can be fairly standard, or you can get some custom cabinets and fixtures to match the theme.

Finally, consider your seating. Game chairs are great for when you are playing video games. However, you may want a nice chess table to play the standard games, with some comfortable armchairs to go alongside it.



Luxurious Basement Media Room

You have heard of the basement home theatre as a common option, but go a step further. Think past a couch and a television and really get into the mindset of a theatre.

You will want darker colors on the walls, and possibly a red runner for part of the carpet. Sconce lights on the walls with a smart dimmer switch are a better touch then ceiling or corner lights. You may even consider putting a velvet curtain around the screen.

Rather than simply installing a large television, consider a projector and a quality screen. You could use a retractable one if you want to be able to use the room for something else too. Of course, you will want a high-quality digital surround sound system as well.

Consider installing a set of risers for a home version of stadium seating. You can put recliners or theatre seating, or a couch on these risers, whatever will provide for your seating needs.

Finally, consider snacks. You could use a microwave to make popcorn, or you could use a popcorn machine. Consider your beverages as well. Most people will just stock a refrigerator. Be different and consider some sort of dispensing machine, or even a Soda Stream. You may also consider a toaster oven for some snacks that are better baked but may not need to warm up the entire oven.

As you can see, taking the basement home theatre a step further into a luxurious media room is not difficult. Changing a little of the decor, and adding an additional wall can make all the difference.


Personal Basement Sports Bar

The basement bar usually entails a kitchen, a bathroom, and some seating like a couch or maybe some recliners. Add to this a large television and you have your own personal sports bar, right?

Let’s really make the experience a special one when you have friends over for the big game. First, think about the bar experience. Sure, beer is a necessity. Consider having a tap for your favorite option or two rather than just stocking the fridge like everyone else.

Next, consider the bar itself, or in this case your basement kitchen/kitchenette. Consider getting the ceiling-mounted racks to hang classes. Also, be sure to have bar stools that come up to the bar along with napkins and maybe some bar nuts to munch on.

Rather than just adding a couple of recliners or a sofa, consider adding a few small tables with chairs. This makes takes it from the typical basement bar experience to more like a real sports bar.

You could put up on large television for watching the game, or you could put a few smaller televisions around the room. This allows everyone to have a good view, or even to watch multiple games at a time, such as during college football playoffs.

Whatever theme you pick, be sure you work with a trusted contractor in Grand Rapids to meet all the building code requirements. This will ensure that when you do want to capitalize on the investment for your basement remodel and you do not run into any surprises.

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  • Thanks for these ideas regarding a basement remodel! My friend is thinking of giving his basement a makeover, and he’s looking for ideas on where to begin. I like how you mentioned that he could consider transforming it into a theatre room that uses a projector! This way, he can enjoy his movies with his family. I’ll share this with him and suggest that he hire a remodeling contractor for it.

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