Michigan Office in a SunroomThe number of people working remotely has been on the rise for over a decade. The current health crisis has brought this to a necessity for many people. That means that having a properly structured and equipped home office is more important than ever.

Using the spare bedroom or the kitchen table may work for a short term solution. However, it is not optimal if you are forced to work remotely for an extended period. That means you need to have a dedicated space that is structured for success.

Grand Rapids is a perfect place to have a sunroom for your office. Let’s explore what you need to consider and why this special kind of room might be a perfect fit.


Basic Needs of a Home Office

Before looking at why a sunroom may be a perfect option, you need to consider the basic needs. The following is a good place to start.



Probably the most important need in your office is privacy. This does not mean a basement room with no windows. Rather, it is an ability to close it off from the distractions of the rest of the house.

If you have children learning remotely, you need to be able to shut a door and focus on your own tasks when appropriate.

One of the biggest challenges when first working from home is not being distracted by your home environment. This certainly can be children, but may also just be chores that need to be done, animals, or even your hobbies. Having a dedicated space that you can shut off fro the rest of the house helps keep that distraction to a minimum.


A Proper Workspace

The kitchen table may be a good space for a short term solution. However, you need a dedicated workspace, like a desk, that is appropriate for your job. Do you need to have multiple work services? Will you benefit from a larger desk space, or perhaps multiple screens? Are your projects such that you need to leave them out when you are done for a day?

These are all important considerations when deciding what kind of desk or workspace to get for your office. It is also important when decided how the space is designed and structured compared to the rest of your home.


Proper Lighting

Lighting is now an incredible consideration for your virtual office. You need to be conscious of reflections on your computer screen that may interfere with your ability to do your work. You also need to be sure you have enough light for whatever work you do on a regular basis.

Also very important now is good lighting for virtual meetings. Home offices typically experience one of two negative lighting effects during virtual meetings. The first having too much light behind you and it washing out your face from overexposure. The second is just as distracting, which is a dark shadow over your face.


Home Office Technology

Finally, you want to be sure your office is properly set up for your technology needs. Some wireless signals have trouble in older buildings or in more remote areas. If that is your situation, consider a wireless booster if you rely on your cell phone.

Be sure you also consider the electrical needs of your job. Not only do you need the right number of outlets, but you need to ensure the wiring can handle the right amount of current for all of your needs. Neglecting this could mean that you are dealing with tripped breakers.


Custom Designing Your Home Office

One of the easiest ways to be sure your office is going to meet all of your needs is to custom design it. You can try to repurpose a room, but it is difficult to add or move electrical or be sure you have the right amount of space.

If you are going to create a custom room you have a few options. First, you can put up a few walls in your existing home if you have a larger space you are willing to section off. Second, you could finish a basement. Finally, you can put build onto your existing home in some way.


Benefits of a Sunroom Office

Sunrooms are a very common addition for many homeowners in Grand Rapids. Not only is the space customizable for your needs, but it is less intrusive to build. You typically do not need to empty entire rooms during the build.

Building an addition that is outside of your existing structure allows you to determine exactly how large you need the space. You can also easily run whatever electrical or venting you need to make your space work.

Finally, sunrooms are built entirely of high-performance glass or acrylic, allowing for incredible natural lighting. Unlike a conservatory, they still have a solid ceiling, also making it easy to control the lighting with some blinds.

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