Sunroom Design Tips for Your Grand Rapids HomeIf you live in Michigan, you know how beautiful the weather is throughout most of the year. Sure, we have our months with more cloud cover, and that is part of why sunrooms are so popular. These design tips can help create an incredible sunroom space to get more of the natural sunlight and help beat the seasonal blues.

However, you want to be careful when adding a sunroom to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Consider the following as you look at your options and dream about your new space.

How Do You Want to Design Your Sunroom?

Before embarking on a sun room construction project, take some time to think about how you want to use it.

Relaxing Space

A lot of people will use their room simply as a space to relax. Whether you use it for a reading nook, a morning coffee spot, or just a general place to relax, it can be perfect. Think about what you want in your space to relax so you can plan appropriately. You want to know that you have the electrical and air movement needed to help you relax.

Home Office

With so many working from home now, many homeowners are looking for a dedicated workspace that inspires. Rather than setting up a corner in the basement, a sunroom is a lot more inspiring with natural lighting and a gorgeous view. You will want to map our where you want your desk and appliances so you can be sure to wire the room correctly.

Exercise Room

You have always wanted a dedicated space to exercise, and now you can really enjoy it. These rooms are perfectly suited for everything from yoga to weightlifting and treadmills. You can enjoy the sun shining in on you while you get your workout. Close the space up on a sunny day and enjoy the benefits on some additional heat during the process.

Entertaining Room

Many Michigan homeowners add these rooms to add some extra entertaining space. These rooms are perfect for watching the big game, having a movie night, or sharing drinks. Some people even turn these into a nature-oriented man cave. As you consider how you will entertain, be sure to think about the electrical you may need so it can be wired accordingly.

Spare Bedroom

One uncommon use for a sun room is a spare bedroom. Sure, you may want to use it more frequently as one of these other rooms, but it can easily double as a bedroom too. Consider adding a futon or daybed, along with an end table. Then be sure to add some blinds for privacy and all of a sudden you have yourself a spare bedroom. Just be sure to consider when you may company so you design the rest of the room properly.

Hobby Den

A very common use for these additions is a space to work on a hobby. Whether your hobby is a side hustle or something you simply enjoy, having the right space can make the difference. Imagine a space dedicated to this hobby, where you do not have to constantly worry about cleaning up. Couple that with all the natural sunlight and ambiance of being in nature.


How Often Do You Want to Use Your Sunroom?

Once you decide how you want to use your room, you need to think about how long you want to use your room. The general options are either just during the warmer months, everything but the coldest months, or throughout the entire year. Here’s what you need to consider.

4 Season Rooms

If you want to be able to use your space throughout the entire year, you need to think about connecting in the HVAC. You will want to run ductwork so that you can heat or cool the space effectively. You will also want to run electricity, including perhaps a ceiling fan. Additionally, you will want to use high performance glass or acrylic for the windows.

3 Season Rooms

If you do not plan to use the room during the coldest months of the year, you can probably avoid running ductwork. However, you will want to be sure you have quality insulation between your new room and your existing house. You will still want to use the high performance glass or acrylic for your windows so you can keep out the weather.

Warm Weather Use

The easiest of the rooms are those you want to use only during the warmest parts of the year. In these rooms, you can use screens rather than glass. You will also want to consider the furniture design and equipment you use in this space. If you use screens it will be more susceptible to dust and moisture, so plan accordingly.

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