Create A Basement Bedroom in Your Lansing HomeOne of the many challenges homeowners face is what to do with overnight guests. Sure, you can try to give them a spot on the sofa, or do the original air bed and breakfast motif. However, you likely want to provide a better option than that like a private basement bedroom.

It does not matter if you are having a sleepover for your kids, out of town friends staying over, or the inlaws, you want to make sure everyone is comfortable. Fortunately, many homes in Michigan offer a basement that provides for such an occasion. You can always put in a sleeper sofa or a futon, but that just meets the basic place to sleep requirement.

On the other hand, you can go a little further and put in a special basement bedroom just for these guests. This allows any guest a little more space to rest comfortably, avoid the hustle of kids being up early, and a place to keep their own things without it being in the way of your house functioning.

Keep reading to see some important considerations as you consider adding a basement bedroom.


More Than a Futon in the Basement Bedroom

We all had the experience growing up of going over tot hat one friend’s house and sleeping on the futon in the basement bedroom. For most of us, it was an exciting adventure we look back on fondly.

However, when it comes to actually having a guest who spends more than one night, have a separate space is helpful for both them and you. Pick a comfy theme for your room to help them feel at home. Be sure to consider things like:

  • Outlets for charging a phone or other electronics
  • A dresser for longer-term guests
  • A bathroom on the same level
  • A closet or space to hang some clothes

Bring in the Light

One of the biggest challenges of adding a bedroom in the basement is the feeling of being in a dungeon. This is simply because basements are naturally darker due to being either fully or partially underground.

One of the best ways to overcome this is to add large egress windows to the basement. Egress windows are a required feature for basements throughout Michigan. However, the kind you install and what the egress well looks like can all affect the lighting produced in the room. Consider adding more than the minimum required window, providing more space for the window to allow light to come into the room during the day.

In addition to the egress windows, consider using white or light-colored paint. Also, use plenty of LED lights throughout the room to brighten it up during the evening.


Avoid the Drab..Bring in the Color

Given the general dark feeling that comes with a basement, consider using bright colors. This should include your primary paint and accents as well as your bedding and furniture. This is especially easy if your home already has a more modern feel to it.

If you use bright colors it also allows you to use the space as a playroom when it is not in use as a spare bedroom.


Consider Younger Guests

You can bring back that adventure of a sleepover with these special bedrooms instead of tearing apart your living room. If this is the goal, consider adding a bunk bed or loft. This also doubles perfectly as a playroom, so it will always be ready when the opportunity arises for a sleepover.

Do consider the safety considerations special to kids. Look at adding in a video monitor so you can keep an eye on the shenanigans. Be sure there are electrical covers on the outlets. Also, be sure to consider adding in the extra padding under the carpet to keep everyone safe.


A Perfect Studio Apartment

The basement bedroom is also the perfect studio apartment for college kids coming home or the in-laws. If this is the goal, also consider adding a kitchenette on the same level for making coffee or a bite to eat. You will also want to ensure there is a bathroom with a functioning shower. All of these will not only make it comfortable for whoever comes over but also if you decide you want to rent the room out for some side income.

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