Man Cave Basement Options in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Lansing.....The man cave is an increasingly popular trend for home improvement projects. A finished basement is an incredible investment, usually returning 70%-75% to the value of your home. If you invest $1,000 into a basement remodel, it will add $700-$750 to your home’s value, on average.

However, the added value to your home is only the icing on the cake when it comes to creating “the cave.” This is truly a space that is open to customization, to your desires, being completely autonomous from the feel of the rest of the house. This means that you will love the space created specifically for you while you are in your home.


Determine Your Man Cave Basement Theme

The first step is to determine the theme you want for your space. While this particular room may be great for you, many people also use it for entertaining. Here are some popular themes people enjoy. There are many different basement themes possible and you are sure to find a theme that works for your project.


The Basement Bar

Do you ever dream about going someplace where everybody knows your name? You can recreate the Cheers Bar in your basement. This is popular among people who enjoy having a social drink. Other common additions to this room include a billiard table and a dartboard. Some may even include a vintage arcade game. This can also be a great place to get creative, write, dream, and plan.


The Game Room Basement

The game room is an incredibly popular option, especially if you want your space to be family-friendly. The idea of a game room can encompass a few different themes. There is a focus on board games, so a space to place those kinds of games, including a large table. Then there is the video game theme, so console games, posters, possibly arcade games, and more. Finally, there is a recreational game focus. This could include billiards, ping pong, foosball, and air hockey. Someone wanting to go a little retro may include a dome hockey table.


The Movie Aficionado

If you are the kind of person who loves films, this may be for you. Movie-themed cave may include special seating, a large screen, either a projector or flat panel, and a concessions bar. On the walls will be posters from your favorite films, and you may even put in a selfie wall or a red carpet to add to the flair.


The Practice Cave

If you are a musician, this one is for you. This space may include a recording studio, an incredible sound system, probably some sound insulation. You will hang posters from your favorite bands, add guitars or other vintage collectible instruments. You will of course have your own host of instruments to practice and enjoy.


The Sports Fanatic

Sports caves are incredibly popular as well. This is perfect for anyone who considers themselves an extreme sports fan. This will usually include a large screen to watch the games and sports movies. You will also probably have a large display case for your own or your kids’ trophies, or maybe your memorabilia. You may even include a few games like air hockey or darts.


The Classic Cars Enthusiast

If cars are your thing, then create a cave dedicated to your passions. Your decor may include polished chrome parts, possibly a decorative “workbench” in your kitchen space, and of course auto magazines. Consider this the perfect garage for relaxing.


Common Elements

Most man caves have several elements in common. If you want to get the most out of your basement remodel, consider adding these elements to your space.


Basement Kitchen

Whether you choose to do a full kitchen or a kitchenette, being prepared to serve food can make almost any occasion better.


Basement Bathroom

Be sure to have at least a half-bath in your cave. After all, who wants to have to run upstairs when nature calls?


Comfortable Seating

You want to have plenty of seating for your time hiding away, not just some simple folding chairs. Be sure to take into account enough seating for any gatherings you may want to have.


The Television

Be sure you take into account one of the central features of nearly every man cave, the television. Be sure you get something big enough for everyone to enjoy without having to crane their neck to see what’s happening.


Lighting for Your Basement

Consider how much lighting you will need, and the best way to deliver it. It may be themed sconces on the wall or recessed lighting. Consider also splitting the lighting so that when you want it a little darker, you can do so without turning them all off.


Preparing Your Space

If this is your first basement remodel, you will want to do some prep work. Not only does your space need to be clean to begin the construction, but you have to consider infrastructure you may need to add as well. This includes your electrical, plumbing, and sewage as well as if you need to run fiber optic for your entertainment systems. Also, be sure to consider insulation, and moisture resistant walls and flooring. You can trust the pros at KGT to get your project moving in the right direction.

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