The Perfect Basement Bar for Grand RapidsBuilding the perfect basement bar is a bucket list item for many homeowners. Unfortunately, this item often stays on the bucket list because few people know where to begin . Sometimes basements are remodeled with a future project in mind leaving a nice open space with access to a water line, this simplifies the building process. Most times however, basements are not equipped for a bar, which requires a little more creativity. At Michigan basement contractor we want to bring your dream project to life. We have experience in full basement remodels, partial remodels, and unique bar installations, we can even help you design your dream project if you are not quite sure know where to begin.

Ready to get started on planning your basement pub? Here are a few tips to help you begin the process.


Things to consider for Your Basement Bar

When you start the planning process for your project, be sure to consider these three important points, water access, space, and guest convenience

The amount of space in front of your bar and behind it is essential, if you are trying to sneak too much seating into an area that is too small, you will never be comfortable using the space. Ensuring that there is enough space for guests to move in and out of the bar easily will make the bar far more enjoyable for everyone.

Water access is a must for most dream bar builders, and to access water for your bar there needs to be a access point from your water main. This is where a lot of people give up. Tapping a water main can be intimidating, but with the right builders on your team, anything is possible. Don’t let a complicated water set up dishearten your efforts.

Finally, you must think about how guests will interact with the “bartender”. Will you have bar stools or will your guests stand? Will there be one access point or two so that guests can easily go behind the bar? Will your space be large enough to host a dinner or will it be strictly for sharing a beverage and some bar snacks? Take some time to imagine what the overall experience will be like for a guest.


Styling Your Space

A lot of thought goes into the design and theme of a basement bar. Deciding on a theme is sometimes the most tricky part. Before contacting a contractor it is wise to have a solid theme in mind so that you can save money and time. zen, beach, modern, countryside, the list of themes goes on. Here are a few things to consider when trying to pick a theme.

When discussing theme always start with lighting and materials. Do you want your space to be dimly lit putting off a ‘speakeasy’ vibe or a ‘dive-bar’ vibe, or do you want it to be bright and warm like a beach cabana or vacation spot? Once you have settled on lights think about the materials you would like to incorporate. Granite counter-top or wood? tile back splash or sheet metal? There are many ways to create the space you want but having a clear vision is essential.


Basement Bar features

While basement remodeling is not essential, a partial remodel can open a lot of options to you and your basement bar. At KGT Home Solutions we offer a number of basement remodeling services that to accommodate a number of unique features in your next project.

One of the most important parts to the space that often goes overlooked in the space behind the bar. The wall behind the bar is a fantastic place to include a counter top with lots of drawers and shelves to display your beverages and bar paraphernalia. Consider this space as you talk design.

Every bar has something that makes it unique, from a hidden door that holds your best liquor, to a multi colored LED strip for changing the mood. Think about the special features that you want in your basement bar.

A very important feature found in most bars is the mini fridge. Be sure to consider where you want the fridge to go. Will it sit under the bar, will it be hidden in a wall or will it be on top of the bar?


Take the leap

Basement dream bars often remain dreams for most people. Dedicating the time and money is daunting but with the proper planning and the right team on your side it can be done with relative ease. Before you contact a builder, and before you give up all together, take the time to explore the space you are working with, create a vision board for style and theme, and really put some thought into how you want to make your project unique to you. If you have done all of the above, then your builder will take care of the rest.

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