Amazing Basement Bar for Grand Rapids Michigan HomeownerBasements in Michigan mean a lot to homeowners. They mean a storm shelter when needed, not to mention extra storage. They also mean an area you can create special space, be it a craft room, hobby space, or a man cave. Regardless of how you finish the basement, it usually returns between 70%-75% of the investment. A basement bar is one popular option for those who want to enjoy a little escape in a non-traditional room.


Begin with the End for an Amazing Basement Bar

Before beginning construction on your basement bar project, you should take a few minutes to plan for what you want. Think about the bar space, is it just for serving drinks, or do you want a full kitchenette? Do you want to have bar seating, or just tables and chairs?

Also think about if you want Any sort of entertainment, like a large television for watching sports. Do you want a dartboard or a billiards table? What about a bookshelf and board games? There is a lot you can do with a basement bar, so let your imagination go wild and dream about what you want.

Also think about whether you want a bathroom, either full or half, in the space as well. This can be extremely handy when you are trying to escape or are watching the big game. Rather than trying to run upstairs, you can


Map Out Your New Bar

Be sure to map out a proportional drawing of what you want and where. This ensures that you do not plan for more than you can fit in your space.

On this blueprint, be sure to include load-bearing fixtures, as well as where your existing electrical and plumbing fixtures are located. Then, map out where you need new electrical or plumbing access.

Also be sure to map out where you want various fixtures, such as your bar, a television, a refrigerator. Include anything on your blueprint that takes up a significant amount of space, including tables, billiards, anything else that could make the space cramped.


Plan for Construction

Finally, work with your basement contractor to determine whether you need a building permit. While local laws may differ, the entire state of Michigan requires you to pull a permit when adding electrical or plumbing fixtures. It also requires it if you are changing the structure of the house.

You are likely going to install new plumbing and probably electrical for your basement bar. Plan for the time and expense to pull a building permit. As you work with your contractor, be sure the contract stipulates who will apply for the permit. Also, be sure it details out who will handle meeting the inspector and finishing the process.

The last thing you want is to find out the contractor did not pull the permit you expected, and now you have fines. Being attentive to the contract to be sure everyone is on the same page will ensure there everything runs smoothly. It does mean that you should also plan for the delay to get the inspection completed at the end of your project.

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