Basement Playroom Tips & IdeasMichigan homes enjoy basements that can be used for various purposes like man cave, family room or even a playroom. Homeowners around Grand Rapids often choose to finish their basement, either entirely or in part, to increase the home’s value. After all, according to the National Association of Realtors, a basement remodel nets about 70 percent return.

The challenge is deciding what kind of remodel you are going to pursue for your home. You can develop a family room, a man cave, or even a game room. Many homeowners with children are also opting for a basement playroom. Here are some thoughts on why, and how to customize even a room for the kids.


Contain the Playroom Chaos

One of the continual battles every parent faces is toys being strewn throughout the house. Yes, it really does hurt when you step on those plastic building blocks! One sure way to avoid some of the chaos that comes with children is to contain it in the basement.

Finishing your basement into a designed playroom may provide extra safety for your kids compared to an unfinished basement. Further, it allows you to give them a special place to allow their imaginations to fly.

From the furniture to the paint on the wall, you can transform your basement playroom into a place the kids will long to spend time. If you have small children who love to climb and slide, consider adding a built-in fort and slide. The options are endless.


The Art Den

Art is something just about every child enjoys. Whether it is cutting, painting, gluing, or anything else. Unfortunately, this adds to your home’s chaos while trying to keep the mess contained.

Taking a small section of your playroom and dedicating it to artistic endeavors helps to reduce the stress. You have a place to store all of the art supplies. Plus, if a little glitter ends up on the floor, it is not a big deal.

Consider painting a section of your wall with chalk paint to provide a place dedicated to the graffiti art that inevitably adorns some space in your home. This space also doubles really well during virtual learning when you need to help explain math.


Musicians in Training

Another joy of having children is watching them learn to enjoy music. Whether they are beating a drum, strumming a guitar, a blaring a trumpet, it can difficult for your home and neighbors alike.

A playroom in the basement can help accommodate some space for practicing becoming musical. There is natural sound dampening due to it being underground. Consider also adding some sound dampening insulation in the ceiling to help dampen the noise coming up during practice sessions.


Special Feature Considerations

Any time you consider remodeling a section of your home, you want to look at any special considerations to make it a success. This holds true for a basement playroom in Michigan too.

For kids in Grand Rapids, you want to consider a few safety features as you build. First, think about any electrical you may need in the space. Consider installing the outlets higher on the wall as opposed to the standard lower position. This not only keeps little fingers out of them but also reduces the risk if there is a flood for some reason.

If you are adding any shelving, racks, or cubbies, be sure they are securely anchored into the wall. Kids love to climb, and you want to avoid a situation where it topples over and hurts someone.

Be sure to leave a lot of open space for their adventures. Kids have incredible imaginations but need room to exercise it. Also consider adding in some throw pillows, bean bag chairs, or even blankets. This is great for adding to the fun they will have while building forts in this space rather than in your living room.

Finally, consider how they will communicate with you if you have older kids who will be unsupervised. You can always set up those old baby monitors so you can keep an ear on what is happening. You may also consider adding a camera for your home security system if you want to keep a visual eye open.

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