Holiday Basement Renovation IdeasThe holidays are quickly approaching, and while they may feel different this year you are still thinking about the parties and gatherings. It is even more important than ever to have the space to entertain your family and friends. Maybe its time to think about a basement remodel.

You are also looking for ways to make investments into your property while interest rates are at record lows. Finishing your basement may just be the way to tackle both priorities at the same time. Finished basements in Michigan generally have about 70% to 75% return, so it will certainly add to the value of your home when it is time to sell.

Take a little time to plan what you want in your space before calling a contractor. While they will be able to help you plan and dream, you should have some ideas of how you want to use the space already. This will save you time, money, and frustration for both you and your contractor.


Potential Areas to Remodel Your Basement

Before starting to think about specific holidays and how the space might be used for them, think more broadly about how you will use the space. Here are some areas to consider.

  • Kitchen: If you are entertaining one of the big questions you need to answer is will food be involved. If so, do you want to have to transport that food from your kitchen to your basement? Even if you do most the preparation in your normal kitchen, would you need to be able to cook or heat some while in this space? While you are thinking about this, also consider storing food or drinks in a refrigerator and dishes you might need. All of this will help you determine if you need a full kitchen, a kitchenette, or just a small food space.
  • Bar Area: Whether alcohol is your thing or not, think about a bar space. This is not only a place to store and serve alcohol, but also a sitting area for both drinks of any kind as well as some finger good. It is also a great place to set dishes when you have a buffet-style gathering. If you want a different feel, consider making it a coffee bar with a quality espresso machine.
  • Play Space: Are kids going to be in your plans? Be sure to build in a play space for them as well. If not, consider an adult play space. For young kids, this may include a fort of playhouse built into the space. Consider a space with card or board games, or a dedicated area for video games for entertaining adults or older kids and teens.



Halloween is a favorite among holidays for a lot of people. It is not always because of the scary ghouls and goblins, but just the fun of pretending to be someone else for a night. When it comes to decoration and setting the mood, consider going above and beyond for your party.

Finished basements allow for a dedicated space that will not affect the rest of the house. Consider adding a smoke machine for your Haloween party. This is especially spooky if you are watching scary movies as part of your gathering. You may also consider adding a black light for extra effect.



Thanksgiving can be a great time for family gatherings, but can also be an incredible amount of stress with so many people. Consider using your basement to help ease the pain if you have a kitchen, you can use this extra space to help prepare the food or keep it warm while it cooks.

This can also be a great place to entertain the kids if you have a play area already set up. That keeps the littles from running underfoot the whole day. Want to watch a Thanksgiving game, this can be the perfect place while leaving the rest of the house for conversation.



Christmas may not be the biggest holiday for gatherings, but can be one that sets up a mood of comfort and appreciation. Consider adding in some string lights for mood, or a special themed Christmas tree when you remodel your basement.


New Year’s & Sports

New Year’s in Michigan can be a little hit or miss due to the unpredictable weather. This is where finished basements can come in really handy. If you are planning a New Year’s bash, this provides a space that will not interfere with your neighbors who are not the celebration type. You can easily add a disco ball, and play some music for this celebration.

If sports playoffs are more your thing, this is a great place to have your friends over to enjoy the games. Consider adding either a beer or root beer tap to make your place the first choice among your friends.

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