Michigan is a beautiful place, regardless of the season. Those who love being outside also love the flexibility a custom deck can bring to their home. Not only can an outdoor living space make your time at home more comfortable, but they also bring a great return for the investment. Here are some things to consider as you dream about what your property may look like this year.


Effect of Outdoor Living Space on Home Value

You have probably noticed decks popping up all over, almost regardless of the style of the house. When you have talented craftsmen working with you, you can make an ordinary deck something exquisite that perfectly matches your home.

From strict property value, decks and other outdoor areas generally return about 70% of the investment. So while you may be able to do something inexpensive, be careful not to short circuit the long-term perspective of your project.

Thinking beyond just the property value, consider the options that drive prospective buyers and their purchasing decisions. When your outdoor space looks amazing and inviting, it helps people see past possible work, and into their life enjoying the space. A beautifully maintained deck and outdoor space combined with a cultivated lawn do exactly this.

Collectively, what people see from the outside is known as curb appeal. The better the curb appeal, the more quickly your home will sell, and the higher the offers you will receive. Beyond the benefit you will reap when it is time to sell, there are many benefits you will enjoy right away.


Escape While at Home

Everyone can use a space through which they can escape the everyday monotony of life. A custom deck or other cultivated space can provide just the ticket. Imagine a deck surrounded by trees, with a comfy hammock gently rocking in a corner.

Perhaps a plush cushion on an oversized wicker chair in front of a fire pit under a pergola is a little more your speed. There are many options for creating the exact space you want so you can escape and relax without having to pay exorbitant resort fees all the time.


More Entertainment with More People

Everyone enjoys having people over, whether it’s for a graduation party, sports celebration, or just a Sunday barbecue. When you do not have an adequately prepared outdoor space, you are left trying to cram everyone in your home.

When you have a custom deck you naturally increase your capacity. You can prepare most of your food outside, set up serving, and then have places for people to sit. Even if large crowds aren’t your thing, the right outdoor space takes away the worry of having people over.


Add to Your Storage Capacity

Having enough storage space seems to be a continual battle. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a shed, garage, or even in your home. An outdoor living space provides many options for increasing your storage capacity.

If you decide to build a custom elevated deck, the area under the deck can become storage for things that are not subject to weather and water. On top of your deck, you can add various forms of storage sheds, shelves, or even large barrels.

If you decide to do another form of outside space, you can still develop additional storage. Consider adding a wooden shed to store your garden supplies and tools. A wooden or plastic chest is perfect for everything from outdoor toys, to sports equipment, to the cushions for our chairs.


Extra Options for Outdoor Living Spaces

There are a plethora of options to improve your outdoor space in Michigan that extend well beyond a traditional deck. While most people think of decks as elevated, you can always look at a deck that rests just above the ground. These give you the same options as an elevated deck, but without the danger of the added height.

If decks are not your preference, consider a patio. Like decks, there are a wide variety of options for your style. If you have a modern style, consider a poured concrete and stamp. If you like something a little more rustic, look at blocks to lay with gravel.

Think well beyond the basics of a deck or patio to get the most from your space. If you enjoy being outside with a fire, consider building a proper fire pit. You can always buy a standalone pit, but one that is built-in offers a lot more versatility and long term value.

If you have the desire to garden, think about adding permanent beds or pots. This saves your flowers or garden from some bugs and weeds you would encounter in a normal garden.

Finally, consider any shade options you may want. You can always add an umbrella, but that is a band-aid option for a permanent problem. Rather, a pergola, trellis, or arbor is a great option and is a beautiful addition to your property.

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