Basement Project by KGT Home Solutions Grand RapidsOne of the most requested home improvement services in Michigan is the basement remodel. Utilizing the space you already have is one of the easiest ways to add a room/rooms. Unfortunately, most basements are associated with areas filled with darkness where we store old toys, sporting equipment, and things we do not use regularly.

But with a little remodeling, you can create a children’s playroom, a recreation room, guest room, laundry room, or any of your favorite room. It is an economical way to enlarge your home’s living space significantly.

To get most out of your investment, below are three essential tips for basement renovation in Michigan:


Maximize Lighting in Your Basement Project

The basement is often termed as dark areas because their ceilings are low and, therefore, create a cave-like feeling. You, therefore, have to come up with ways to ensure your basement is well-lit.

There are two ways you can solve this issue. One is making creative use of artificial light. And the other is maximizing the natural light reaching in your basement.

During basement remodel, use indirect lighting that wallows large beams of light on the basement ceiling. This will make the basement rooms appear higher than they are by opening up space.

To acquire the flexibility you need and create a variety of lighting moods, you can mix traditional recessed lighting with the up-lighting. You can also reinforce and amplify the lighting effects by mounting mirrors on either the ceilings or walls.

Enlarging or adding new windows works perfectly with basements that have parts that are extended above the ground. These windows light up your basement and provide an alternative escape route if there is a fire outbreak.

For basements that do not have enlarge part, there is an option of digging window wells. Window wells, especially ones with waterproof covers, help solve the water problems in your basement. Remember, the more efforts you make in brightening up your space, the less it feels like a basement.


Cover the concrete

Michigan’s soil from the Great lakes, mainly the sand tends to be non-absorbent. For this reason, after snowstorms and heavy rains, there is a lot of free water standing around your home’s foundation.

This water causes many problems, including mold, mildew, and cracks on the wall. These problems are costly to repair. But you can prevent them by sealing off space before you begin to remodel.

Add drywall to the walls and ensure your basement project is professionally sealed before you frame up the basement. Also, consider basement waterproofing to prevent seeping water through the concrete’s pores to the foundation of your home.

To avoid trapping moisture, ensure you seal your concrete before installing flooring or painting your basement. Moreover, you can use RadonSeal to prevent and reduce efflorescence, concrete spalling, cracking, and dusting.


Solve Water Leakage in Your Basement Project

Most people consider it challenging to complete their basement due to the leakage issues or dampness in the basement. This might be termed as an excuse for getting the job done.

Water leakage can be solved by keenly assessing your home’s drainage pattern and correcting any problem that may be causing the water to leak towards your basement.

The solution to this problem begins in the roof. Why the roof? The reason being it is the main water collection point during any small or big rainstorm. Invest in an efficient, well-maintained continuous gutter system.

It carries the water in the right direction, hence protecting the foundation of your home from flooding. Keeping the gutter clean and clear of fragments that cause water flow also helps send the water in the rightful place. That is against your basement and home foundation.

Another thing that causes dampness in your basement is the soil’s angle around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. From the foundation wall, this soil should incline away from the house on a downward angle of six inches over the first four feet.

The latter should prevent water from flowing back towards the house but rather let it collect against the outer walls. Also, seek advice from a local home inspector who focuses on foundation or basement waterproofing issues.

Basement renovation may seem tedious, challenging and generally, a lot of work. The above tips will help you in your renovation journey. Best of luck!

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